Exceptional Car to Car shots

The original Tesla Camera Car, we specialize in shooting Car Commercials, Music Videos, Chase Scenes and more.

Why use a Tesla as a camera car? Physics play a role…

Some of the benefits the Tesla camera car include:

Nearly silent. No engine means almost no noise. Roll the actual sound while shooting.

The ultra-low center of gravity means very little body roll when taking corners and turns at speed.

Single speed, direct drive electric motors have no need to shift. This keeps acceleration and deceleration smooth and linear without jerking and disturbing the gimbal, arm or camera.

With over 750 horsepower and all wheel drive, the v2 Tesla Camera Car 0-60 times are as low as 3.2 seconds with camera gear and operators.

Previous Work

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Camera Support, Camera Vehicles and gear.

We offer a variety of options to get the shots you need.

Ultra Arm

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Tesla Radical Arm

Radical Arm

Black Arm

Our Team

Comprised of professionals with many years in television and film. You can count on Tesla Camera car to get smooth and dynamic car to car shots and more.

Ben Ellingson

A precision driver with 20+ years operating specialty cameras, jib, steadicam, technocrane. Ben is the driving force, leading the Tesla Camera Car crew.

Jeff Hamilton

Ultra Arm tech and driver, Jeff is the man!

Max Kerby

Our Go-To, Emmy Award winning, Mr. Pan and Tilt! Max is one heck of a gimbal op.


We offer big discounts when booking a drone and camera car package together. Choose from DJI Inspire 2, FreeFly Alta X, Alta 8 and many other drones.

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